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Hiring a Solar Panel Installer
8 months ago

Solar panel installers are typically responsible for installing solar panel systems onto roofs of new residential properties, eco-friendly housing complexes, outdoor holiday lighting, and almost anywhere else in which solar power is desired. A solar panel system can be either solar photovoltaic (PPV), which converts the sunlight into electric power, or solar thermal, which captures the sun's rays for use as hot water or electricity. Either type of panel system

can be installed professionally or semi-professionally. However, many people who desire a solar power system on their roof do not have the experience or knowledge to properly install the solar panels themselves. Therefore, solar panel installers are often referred to as solar power installers or solar energy specialists.  Discover more about the best blue raven solar system here.


It is important to understand that solar panel installers do not provide all of the electricity a homeowner needs. In fact, most solar technology systems require an additional back-up battery system in order to store excess electricity produced by the solar panel system. In addition, the majority of solar panel installers cannot change or adjust the amount of electricity a homeowner buys from the electric company. In this way, it is important that homeowners purchase enough electricity from the electric company to completely use the electrical power generated by the solar technology system on their home.


Solar panel installation contractors are often confused with solar panel installers or solar power technicians. However, they are not the same people. Solar panel installation contractors install and maintain the solar technology systems that provide a homeowner with electricity. Solar panel technicians, on the other hand, are qualified technicians who work under the supervision of a licensed solar panel installation expert.

A licensed solar panel installation expert is one who has received special training in the installation of solar power systems. They will have completed a four-year associate degree at an accredited technical school and have passed the required examinations proving their proficiency in the installation and repair of solar energy systems. After completion of their training, the solar panel installers should be able to successfully complete a test which will determine if they are capable of installing and repairing residential solar energy systems. A license is also required to work in North Carolina. Therefore, it is in the best interest of any homeowner in North Carolina to work with an established and licensed professional.


Many homeowners mistakenly believe that they can save money by hiring a local solar panel installers in order to install and repair of solar energy systems on their homes. However, there are several reasons why this decision could be detrimental to the homeowner's wallet. The first reason is that homeowners may pay up to $200 more in labor costs to have their local solar panel installation contractors perform the work instead of having them do it themselves. The second reason is that many solar panel installers charge a flat fee for any job that they perform; however, if the work is not completed properly or safely, some solar panel installation contractors will refuse to return the money paid to them. Therefore, when homeowners make the decision to hire a solar panel installation professional they must research all options in order to find the very best solar contractor for the job. Learn more about the best solar panel installers here: https://blueravensolar.com/colorado/solar-panel-installers-colorado-springs/.


The majority of solar panel installers offer a guarantee for their work, which includes materials and labor. However, it is wise to research the warranty in order to ensure that the installer is backed by a warranty. It is also wise to inquire about the warranty and whether or not parts will be readily available should the solar panel installers experience equipment failure during or after the installation. Finally, homeowners should inquire about payment plans and whether or not installation fees are included in the total cost of the project. Discover more about solar: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_energy.

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